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What Is Vintage Hardwood Flooring?

Vintage flooring, such as classic clothing is a highly sought after flooring solution now. Vintage flooring is essentially old flooring or new flooring that has been made to seem as though it is very old. Broadly speaking, classic flooring includes a worn look and a depth to it that fresh floors might sometimes be thought to lack.

Vintage flooring has become highly desired thanks to the knock due to this requirement for reclaimed wood floors . Because timber flooring is in limited distribution, it is common for people don't track down what they're looking for at a price they are prepared to pay. At this stage these individuals are exceptionally likely to think about flooring that has been automatically obsolete, distressed, coloured and stained to give it an old, or vintage look.

The techniques utilized to make new flooring take on a classic appearance are diverse and increasing all the time. Typically, distressing a wood flooring is the technique used to create the vintage look. Distressing involves damaging the floor to make it look like it has endured many years of wear and tear. Distressing could be carried out by hand or by machine. By hand, chains, scrapers, hammers and other harmful items are used to create the distressed, or classic effect that is so desired now. A distressed hardwood flooring suggests that the flooring has a long history and a bit of a story to tell. A look that works well in both traditional and modern interior settings, it's easy to see why distressed, or antique hardwood flooring is so desired.

Another option to hand painful is for floors to be tumbled. A tumbled flooring is timber flooring which has a very similar looking end to hand distressed or vintage flooring. Tumbling entails rotating the floor boards in a huge drum where they roll about and bounce off each other causing damage to both the faces and the edges of the boards. The end result of tumbling is more arbitrary than hand distressing and it's the extra plus of debilitating the borders of the planks, which serves to alter the overall look once the flooring is laid, giving it a really credible, classic appearance.

As a result of the effectiveness of these techniques, manually"vintage-d" flooring cost a fraction of the price of a reclaimed floor, but by it's very nature will not have the exact same heritage or environmental value as the actual thing.


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