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Home and business owners in the Floor Sanding Acton often struggle with basic remodeling questions. Following is a common issue: your hardwood flooring are in less than ideal condition. In the event you rip out the planks and replace the timber? Or should you refinish the wood that is there?

This question sounds easy, but it's a quandary that has the potential to actually throw you for a loop. Let us look at the some of the advantages and disadvantages of each method.

Refinishing -- Experts

Less expensive than replacing the flooring;
If you work with an experienced company, like the staff here at Floor Sanding Acton, you can find the task done quickly, using environmentally-friendly processes;
Refinishing can easily change the colour, feel, and"look" of the flooring;
If only a few boards are warped, you are able to replace these boards and refinish the remaining portion of the flooring to get a seamless, integrated appearance at a reduce price.

Refinishing -- disadvantages

Refinishing may be a messy, time-consuming process, if you aren't cautious;
Refinishing may lead to logistical issues, especially if it's a big job and you want to continue to reside in your home during the procedure;
The compounds used in some specific remodelling jobs can be bothersome and can create pollution issues and inhalation hazards;
Not appropriate for all jobs.

Replacing hardwood floors -- Experts

Frequently takes less time and leaves less clutter than the sanding process;
the Best Way to go if you want to change the management of the timber, change the layout (e.g. out of parquet to regular planks), or change the species of timber utilized;
Great if your floors are really old and decayed -- or if they are soft and bouncy;
Great if funding Isn't really an issue for you;
Replacing hardwood flooring -- cons

Fixing your floors can be up to five times as expensive as refinishing them;
Replacement may not be mandatory, especially if you only have a few planks that are damaged or warped;

If you're still having difficulty deciding -- or Should you need help with the installation/repair procedure -- please join with the Floor Sanding Acton staff for a free consultation. We're a Diamond Certified company and also a proud member of the National Wood Flooring Association. Join with us online at, or phone us now at 020 3369 3145.


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