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There's no doubt in our minds when it comes to choosing your flooring, the advantages of hardwood floors much outweigh the other choices. There is a natural warmth to timber which no additional material has successfully replicated. In a world full of plastic, this ancient construction material is beautifully tactile and retains both a natural energy and a sense of human tradition.

Your floor is the canvas of your room and the deciding factor in its own design and atmosphere. A good wooden flooring ages gracefully and radiates quality, similar to your favorite leather coat or a classic wine. In Acton, we offer a diverse assortment of finishes and colors; there's a wood floor to match any space, in handsome oaks.


Sustainability is a very important area of concern for all of us at Acton. We do not trade in virgin rainforest timber products; almost all our wood is purchased from FSC® (FSC-C131323) managed forests where new trees are planted to replace chosen ones. Some goods are also sourced from PEFC managed woods.

We are proud to play a vital part in the movement for carbon monoxide by providing wood flooring from sustainably managed forests. The oak used by Chaunceys stems from cultivated forestry with an average lifespan of 40 years; a tree could consume 1 ton of CO2 from the air at that time it reaches this age. (North Carolina State University, n.d). Building with wood is your safest and most affordable type of carbon capture and storage, meaning that in choosing sustainable wooden flooring you're contributing to the very important process of carbon negativity -- crucial in today's climate.

In addition to this, we create an active effort to reevaluate our footprint on the environment in the way we run our business. Virtually all our power usage is created by solar panels on our warehouse roofs; the rest comes from one of our partner organisations, Ecotricity. Direct deliveries from Acton are calculated by location, and all our outside couriers have environmental policies in place. We've got a cycle to work scheme set up and many of our employees either cycle or walk into work daily.


A wooden floor is a long term setup; hardwood floors can be beautifully intact over 100 years after it is fitted with the right maintenance. We supply a range of reclaimed wood, such as boards salvaged from deconstructed 19th century French railway carriages, which is testament to the durability of the material. Actons' own wooden flooring may have all the benefits of a classic floor, including the option of an aged appearance, but with the modern engineering to prevent real harm. For a single project, the customer chose to apply one of our Antique endings to heavily brushed Actons Tectonic Engineered Oak flooring throughout their home in order to produce the authentic appearance of an obsolete floor. This option of flooring, like a lot of our scope, is sustainability generated and FSC ® certified.

After first great caliber, the trick to the longevity of your floors is regular maintenance. Simple precautions like putting felt pads under furniture legs and immediately wiping up any spilt fluids can prevent harm. We've got a specialist range of maintenance products to make sure your hardwood flooring is guarded and in prime condition for its full life expectancy. Standard cleaning with Actons Wash Care diluted in warm water is likely to produce the surface of your flooring fresh and dirt repellent. Actons Wax Care and Magic Cleaner for additional maintenance will also keep your floor protected and looking its very best.

Further down the line, we could even help in refinishing your floors. We provide a refinishing service in addition to a fitting support. We can alternatively supply you with your flooring's unique finish and guide you through the process of refinishing it yourself.


Wooden floors have an appealing and striking effect in kitchens and baths. Actons laid Regency Fired Engineered Oak flooring during a late Victorian house in Maidenhead within its magnificent refurbishment, giving a luxurious basis to the kitchen and toilet as well as the remainder of the home. Actons also collaborated with luxury bathroom brand Drummonds to present heavy brushed oak board flooring to their 2016 Decorex stand.

A lot of us have an ingrained notion that the advantages of wood flooring finish whenever water is involved, and that it's inappropriate for rooms with a lot of water around. This is a fantasy; the ideal wooden flooring can be practical in addition to aesthetically pleasing in kitchens, bathrooms and other rooms that are wet.

Wood does react to the level of moisture surrounding it, but efficiently engineered hardwood flooring is much less likely to contract or expand in contact with water. The ply layers of a engineered plank support the surface layer of oak (or other wood ) to create a reinforced construction that minimises the motion of the flooring. We always tend to suggest an engineered hardwood with a lacquered finish for additional security to our clients if installing wood flooring into a wet area.

Perhaps the strongest examples of wood flooring in wet surroundings can be located at Actons work in the Thames Lido and Clifton Lido. Clifton Lido is the earliest surviving lido, and its 2008 recovery proved to be a high profile (and high-end) enterprise. Actons laid wooden boarding by the water and even around the shower cubicles, using Balau Decking and narrow hardwood decking. The boarding was expertly prepared for its normal touch with water to deliver a concrete sense of luxury to the lido's renovation.


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